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OKAY, for the record, I've been posting everything on my blog. Ironically I figured that nobody really reads it and have stopped posting so diligently, so I guess I feel your pain :) This is my favorite picture so far, probably because we've discovered that I suck at photography and somehow this one came out sweet.  Sorry it's not an amazing city scene but it is our roofdeck! 

Glad to see that typophile is still going strong! I'm excited to see the final product. Besides, a little leaking can only increase excitement about it right? Leak on my friend!


LO siento Amigo.

dearest Olivia. Sorry for the absence~ cross my heart wasn't intentional. Honestly wish you were here! I love the pictures by the way, and the typophile project... (for lack of better words) love it!
I feel like I have been here forever an a fortnight (just learned that word from pride& prejudice :) Long enough to feel like a New Yorker? Or maybe enough to feel my west coast blood running wild...no worries I left a part of my heart in provo.

don't get me wrong~ life has been a blur of summer freedom, eating, sleeping, & scanning to my little heart's content.

some of the highlights:

despite the nature of the photograph, my deepest love for the MOMA. let's just say ny brings out the rebel in me.

central park. although this was the spot I was put to shame in my hula hoop skills, Its beauty demands forgiveness and allures me over and over again! every week since i've been here i've been to central park. ironic one of the best things of new york is it's "natural" surroundings.

next favorite: governor's island. fyi: the clouds are real. no photoshop. serious. no curves. swear.

the view from graphis. actually a little skewed. i stare at a brick wall. this view is if I stand up and look up. ( a good metaphor no?)

well in no time, we will be back. but until then...MISS YOU!

signing off. glo



So yeah remember the time when you all ignored me? Thanks.

I love Provo and all, but I'm really just itching to know about your NYC. Please? Or at least just something about the internship.

Mine's still fun. Yeah, still. I'm making menus, t-shirts, and nameplates, mounting presentation boards with an amazing machine I think we should have for the studio, and moving/organizing as we just moved from floor 3 to floor 7. I don't take the stairs as often. But elevators are awkward.

Oh yeah, and Typophile is awesome, as is Brent. I'm about to make our blog private so I can post these pics without getting in trouble for leaking:

My cool-touch glue gun from Puppetry class proved a great tool for all of Typophile.

My favorite Typophile day:

*We affectionately called it the "hampersand"

Wish I was there...
Wish you would tell me what it's like there...
Wish I could read about it here...



Who lives in the safest neighborhood?