Thanks 5th dimension.
Staying up until seven
never felt so good.
Its too late in the night and I'm in the lab. Colin just left and Rory is sleeping on the floor behind me using foam core for a pillow. I'm feeling nostalgic.
Just wanted to say I thought everyone's books were especially amazing. And that this semester was great. I hope we have a million classes together next semester. Stay cool.


hey friends—i'm giving away two subscriptions to GOOD magazine on my blog if anyone is interested. good luck this week!


* C R U N C H *

Remember that one time during that one critique when I was in the back and all of the sudden it got all quiet because Adrian asked what we think or something, but then somehow I made the loudest CRUNCH ever with my celery stick?

That was one crisp celery stick.


Plastic Resources

TA 455 
TP 1120 
are the sections that have all of the books on plastic in the library


found here


Maybe you've already seen this:

But have you seen this?

I like the templates.