Logical Reasons for Emotional Appeal

At my work I have had to defend my position about branding a lot. Here is a list of reasons that I have written on why it is important to invest in a brand:

1. People make decisions from emotion. Emotion does not necessarily mean the decision is impulsive or demonstrative. A good brand provides the emotional support that reason cannot. A good brand can and should communicate to both the left and right sides of the brain.

2. It can reflect the image of the corporation that it wants the public to know of.

3. It helps public relations because it shows an awareness for a need for public awareness and approval

4. It shows financial stability and shows the direction of the corporation

5. It helps distinguish our company from competitors

6. It sets a favorable image for prospective emloyees

7. It saves a lot of time and money through consolidation and unification of graphic applications

8. Companies without a strong brand disappear among all of the competitors

9. Brand is a manifestation of excellence that is visible.

10. Over time it can encourage superior performance across the boards

11. It creates interest so that people will want to know more

12. Brands make it easy for the customer to buy

13. Brands make it easy for the salesforce to sell

14. A brand, or companies reputation is one of the most valuable company assets. —Stocks with largest gains in Brand equity saw their stock return average 30% those with losses in brand equity saw stock return average a negative 10%

15. Brands set expectations in the minds of the consumers. If the brand is dull, people will expect it to be dull

16. Provides visual communication that can be sustained through time (verbal communication cannot be)

—Please add your ideas.


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