Gratitude-An Organizing Principle for Life

In a recent interview, the poet Maya Angelou was asked a singular question. She was asked what was the greatest lesson she had learned in life and she answered without hesitation:
"I believe the most important lesson any human being, I, can learn and practice is an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude--to never be modest. Modesty is a learned affectation. It's stuck on like decals and as soon as life slams the modest person against the wall, that modesty will drop off and you'll see the real person come out. It's best to long for, pray for, and develop humility. Humility comes from inside out. It says there was someone before me and I have to do my best to help pave the road for someone who is yet to come. I say thank you to all the ancestors…[for surviving and enduring]. Thank you. Thank you. And what is my job?
My job is to make myself a person who the next generation will say thank you to."
What a concept. Gratitude as an organizing principle for our lives. What would I do with my time if my chief focus in life was to be a person others would want to say thank you to? Would would I NOT do with my time if I were truly motivated by gratitude for my parents and grandparents, Church leaders and everyone who laid the pavement for my life.


Sorry this is super girly...

Sorry unmarried men, just ignore this one. Wanting to be a mom someday comes with a dread of baby things for me. I HATE pastels and I HATE cutsey sayings on things and I HATE the whole baby asthetic (if you can even call it that). Then again I don't want to damage my child because I decorated his/her nursery in 80's neons and black leather.

Anyways ladies (dudes: if you have made it this far you get 10 points) I found this sweeeet website (Fawn and Forest) with really pretty and design-minded baby things. True there are some pastels, and they blatently knock off our Eames rocker but I they have some beautiful furniture and baby clothes and really awesome wooden toys that I kinda want for myself.


Help! I trying to get Housing

So, I am trying to get housing at Wymount. New apartments are available to click at 4 oclock everyday. The only way to get an apartment is to click on the apartment I want and then click submit before anyone else does. I haven't been fast enough or the page takes too long to refresh. Could everyone help me click on the apartment at 4:00PM? It might not be tomorrow since their might not be any available apartments. I will let everyone know when to click. Any help is greatly appreciated.


When you think about it, having people scramble to get an apartment by being the fastest clicker seems like a silly way of rationing apartments. Since all resources are scarce(which means that people will always want more than is available) some rationing method must be devised to allocate who gets what. The Wymount system is a lottery system and randomly rewards those who happened to click refresh at the right time. Discrimination or a fiat process is another way to ration—those who are selling a product or bureaucracy pick those get to purchase what is offered on the basis of income class, race, or any other classification. Historic Use is another rationing system where history plays a role. Coupons are a way for bureaucracy to control how much of something gets purchased by each individual.

There are 2 other rationing systems that BYU could choose from that I think would be better.
They could use a First Come, First serve rationing system, whereby those who wait the longest are rewarded for their wait by receiving the option to get an apartment. But, this might create more work for BYU, so that could be problematic. Also, the people in line might not have a choice of what apartment they want.
But, the best rationing system that I think should be available is the Price system. If BYU has a high demand for on campus apartments, they should raise the price to cut down the demand. Only the people who valued the apartments the most would get apartments. They might get enough revenue to build more apartments. I could see that BYU might want to keep prices down for off campus housing and therefore provide cheaper housing to keep the prices of competition down. But, this wouldn't work since they don't have enough supply. Besides, if they wanted to keep apartment prices down, they would get rid of the BYU approved housing rule and/or they would raise the tuition of BYU, but that is another story.

The reason why understanding rationing matters is because governments try to socialize our health and education systems and they always run into rationing problems which are bigger problems than the original problems created by their solutions



I've got some fun wood type you can use. No working press yet, but you could just ink them & use them like stamps if you want. . .


Bang and Olufsen came out with a new product yesterday


Thank you card ideas

If anyone has a thank you card idea. Let me know.

Gavity Wavity

Some Neat Infographics about Recycling

These are from the economist magazine.

Sucka MCs

Font Conference

I know you all will appreciate this hilarious video! Design humor at its best.


worst logos

The worst logos ever. You know what I'm talking about. The logos that make you cringe and stare like a bad car wreck. The ones that haunt you in your sleep and pop in your head at 2 a.m. during the middle of a brain storm session. We can't fully blame the designer as we have to take into account committees, middle management, and CEO's wives...but how does something like THIS get made:

This is the official call for entries, upload the worst logo you can find so we can all learn what to never ever let happen to us.

How dumb can I be?

My meeting with Adrian today went relatively well, except I made one very dumb mistake.

I spelled Australia wrong.

As I was leaving, he said, "Don't you ever come back here again with Australia spelled wrong!" What was I thinking??? 

Everyone, this is just a friendly remember to check your spelling.



I was very impressed with everyone's personal identities on Thursday. Seriously, everyone made some really good stuff. Just wanted to say good job and keep rocking.

Now that's some beefy type


Sharing time

Since John brought up a "scrap sharing session" for tuesday, I thought we could extend that on the blog and have people post resources they find online with everyone.

For instance, this is a pretty cool link

70 Amazing Business Cards

How amazing is it? Well that's for you to decide, but it could be a good idea generator for our next branding assignment. Anyway, lets here it folks, your favorite sites, blogs, inspiration, etc.



-Manasseh Langtimm, in regards to Gavin's real real black print.


Where In the World Is Adrian Pulfer?

One fabulous prize to be awarded to the first person who can prove or disprove that this is Adrian.



Punchin' The Clock

This is the thread that everyone can post to say how late they stayed up on any particular night working on whatever. You know, just to make the group a little more chummy...it gets lonely.

As for me, I'm clockin' out at 2:12 am.
Don't forget to vote...erm...today.