So it's about the time where I'm missing our class. :( I know it's been like a month, but still.

I think it's time we each give each other a lil' spring update. Gavin beat us all to it, but how about the rest of everyone? There are some of you I know nothing about. Summer-wise, that is. What are you doing?

Olive has been:
-Finally finishing the letterpress wedding announcement designs and seeing them all done.
-Starting and then quitting Typophile 5. (Sorry Brent. Is it time for the busywork yet though? I think I can do better at that than storyboarding...)
-Walking across the street everyday to intern full-time at Nu Skin (Provo's witchcraft, as my dad calls it) and LOVING it. My day involves working with an awesome 40-something dad who's worked at Nu Skin forever and knows everything but still has his thick Mexican accent. He teaches me all about InDesign tricks for typesetting and does it while calling everything "this puppy" and "you monkeyface". (Say those outloud with the accent). When he's not helping me, he's at his desk, with a project on one monitor, and a TV show on the other. This week, it's been "Bewitched".
-Playing around with a bunch of singles-wardies that I don't know on a co-ed intramural team. Special thanks to my mission friend for inviting me.
-NOT working on Frankie nor Set no matter how much I know it will help me for when I have to keep at it next year.
-Garage Sale-ing on the scooter.
-Freelancing a logo involving an antique tool for my cuz.

Peace from Provo to you all,




This made me laugh. So PUNNY!