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Michelle Stuhl

"You can have the greatest portfolio in the world, but you're not going to get the job if you are creepy."


The Chutzpah!

My ward calling is to design the Sunday programs. I try to make them look nice and use some nice type. They're not masterpieces, but I think they're at least better than some of the comic sans versions you occasionally see in our chapels. However, this morning I received a lovely email from I guy I've never met. It reads as follows:

Laura Tait,

Hi, my name is Jesse Daily. I am a student here at BYU and I do a lot of typesetting for my job. I came across your program last sunday and I critiqued it. Don't get me wrong... you have done a great job, but I did have some comments on it. Now I understand that you don't know me, and we will probably never meet. So, if you think that all my comments are garbage, it won't offend me because I realize I am not a professional, I am an amateur. But I hope you do find them useful.


Jesse Daily

All I have to say is—who does this?!?

First image is my original program, and the second is the program with Jesse's wonderful comments:



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I thought,
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