Blue Man Group

This is one of the best shows we've seen in NY. I have seen it twice. It is less than $30 with a student I.D. starting an hour before each show. The mezzanine seats are great.


Button party

When we get back, I think we should have a button party, if Colin would be awesome enough to let us use his button maker. Everyone designs their own buttons, then we can trade them all around. Think of how brilliant that would be.

They could be whatever you wanted. It just had to be yours, you know?

What do you guys think?


Welcome us to New York

If you missed the facebook invite:

Housewarming party this weekend at our new apartment, freshly named "Guillermo's REC Center" or "Guillermo's" for short. (586 Broadway in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). Take the J or M train to Lorimer. We're right under the subway stop above a Cozzi's Pizza.)

Please bring bread or anything that can be eaten on top of bread. It must be delicious.



thanks, swiss miss

First Post (for me) From NY

Watch this at work and don't laugh. I dare you.

original version

artsy version

Love you all and miss you.
House-warming party soon.


GOOD infographics

hey, look.